At home

Deb with Wally and guest dogs Mavis and Katie

Are your dogs really part of your family?

Do they live inside with you, listen to music, enjoy dinner, supervise your exercise programme?

Does leaving home without your dog take the edge of that holiday?

Make you regret your wonderful career?

So what do you do when you have to go away?

Jojo Wally and I have moved from Lorne to Deans Marsh just twenty minutes from Lorne on an acre of native garden with heaps of room to run and play. We still go out for walks everyday and to the beach in Lorne several times a week. Wed love to have your dog come and stay with us at Sams Place Home Stay for Dogs where we only have up to a maximum of three guest dogs at any time and your dog will get the personal care she or he is used to: we think of ourselves as a holiday camp, and our regulars agree.

Out for a walk

Out walking in Lorne

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