About Samís Place

Samís Place has been operating since October 2006 and is named after Sam the schnoodle. Sam died in 2008 but lives on spirit at Sam's Place in Deans Marsh. Wally the mini labradoodle joined the family in 2008 and his joyful, playful personality gives top dog Jojo, the mini-schnauzer cross, a great new playmate.

Since opening for business we've had more than 100 guest dogs to stay with us with many becoming regular and honoured guests. We encourage prospective guests to bring their humans to Samís Place for a visit and a coffee before your stay to check us out. Occasional serious personality clashes do happen, and we all need to make sure everyone is going to enjoy their time with us.

We look forward to welcoming your dog to Samís Place.

About Deb

I have been an intelligence officer, a motel cleaner, industrial relations consultant, shop assistant, an academic researcher, management book reviewer and indigenous affairs policy analyst. I lived in Lorne on and off for 15 years, then moved to the vibrant rural community of Deans Marsh where there is much more space for dogs to play. We still maintain links in Lorne though - regular walks on the beach, and work at the Op shop.

Out for a walk

Having coffee and a cuddle at the Swingbridge Cafe by the Erskine River in Lorne

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